2019-2020 Youth of Unity Regional Officer Mission Statement


We are confident, creative leaders that fulfill the teens of our Region with experiences that promote peace, joy and happiness.


2019-2020 YOU REGIES


Sarah Wade
Spirituality Regie

Hi friends! My name is Sarah Wade and I am beyond excited to serve as your spirituality regie for 2019-2020. I have attended Unity of Roanoke since I was a baby. Unity has always been a huge part of my life and has worked to shape me as a person in unimaginable ways. Rallies have always felt like a second home to me and I hope to be able to create that for current YOUers and the new YOUers in 2019-2020. My main goal as a regi is to be able to make a lasting impact and create and hold a safe space for you all.

    Outside of Unity, I am invested in writing music and performing. Music is something I have recently become extremely passionate about. I attend a music program called Music Lab where I learn about writing and producing music. I have been writing music for around two years now. Along with music, I enjoy spending time with friends and going to events in my community.

    I can not even began to express how grateful I am to be part of this wonderful regi team for 2019-2020. I can not wait to see what this year holds.

With love,


Rachel Collins
Outreach Regie

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Collins and I’ll be serving as your outreach regie for 2019-2020. I’ve been going to Unity Center of Light Bowie since I was 4 years old. Being at Unity is a fun and helpful experience. I enjoy Sunday school with the amazing teachers I have known since I was small and having church friends to grow up with. I love doing the activities, interacting with my church friends and singing the service song at the end of our service. I also remember doing those Christmas songs when I was small, doing the easter egg hunt which I now help the younger kids with, and especially the church cookout.

My outside activities are watching crime shows, cooking videos, and food travel videos like watching Mark Weins, Alamazan and many many more which you can ask face to face when you meet me!! I also LOVE acting and watching movies especially the Transformers series. Acting makes me feel so happy and I come out my shell when I do things I love and enjoy.

I wanted to become Regie because I wanted to prove to everyone that I like and enjoy being a good leader. This will help me be more confident and be able to develop more leadership skills. I wanted my church to be known and hopefully inspire kids in my church to take charge in what they believe in and not be afraid to complete a goal.

I like to include other people and being an outreach Regie will help me encourage other churches to participate in all the upcoming rallies in the future. I hope I can fulfill this position and have a fun experience with my other fellow Regie’s and be able to have the best 2019-2020 rally and leadership experiences!!!


Rachel Collins

Lee McCullough
Inreach Regie

Hello amazing people! I am Lee Joe Lewis McCulloch and I will be your 2019-2020 Inreach Regie for the Eastern Region. I have been going to Unity Renaissance since I was 2 years old and I have always wanted to be a YOUer since then. I can remember I always hung out with the YOUers because I admired them so much and they seemed to always have fun. I have met my closest friends, and created many healthy relationships, and fun experiences, through Unity and YOU Rallies. I would never trade these relationships, or fun times, that I have gained for the world. I really hope to bring these experiences and relationships to other YOUers through my role as Inreach Regie.

I am very involved in Unity, sports, and school. I used to be apart of the church choir for about 5 years, and I am currently on the varsity tennis and swim teams, as well as being apart of my schools orchestra. I have been told how energetic, optimistic, funny, and outgoing I am by my many friends that I have met through Unity. Unity has taught me so many things. A Unity principle I like to live by is principle number three “I create my experiences by what I choose to think and what I feel and believe,” this Principle is important to me because it is what makes me so positive because I know thats how to get the most out of my life.

I am so very excited to be your inreach Regie this year, with my other amazing fellow Regies. As your new inreach Regie my goal is to bring more teens to Rally, and make Rally an even better experience than it already is!



Malachi Frederick
Communications Regie

Hey, dudes! I’m Malachi Frederick, a junior in high school and your Communications Regional Officer 2019-2020, and I’m here to keep everyone updated on what’s going on in the Eastern region. I run all our social media pages and update it frequently so that I show everyone what a wonderful experience Unity gives to our youth. I’ve been with Unity of Richmond since I was in the fourth grade and it’s the best thing that ever could have happened to me and I’m so excited to plan rallies and make this experience something to remember!

          To know a little more about me, I love almost everything that I wouldn’t be able to fit in here, but to summarize, I love filmmaking, photography, literature, gaming, music, and art. During my free time you’ll probably find me playing the game with music in my ears or painting scenery that just popped in my head with an audio book. I’ve got this thing where I get random ideas for a video, song, or painting and I just feel the urge to execute my form of art. I’m all about creation and enjoying life, so hopefully I pass that energy on to other YOUers as Lee, Sarah, and Rachel and I lead. At my school I’m in the program called the Center for Communications and Media Relations (CFC) and there, I learn how to write, film, and speak publicly, so I know I won’t let you down

           My plans are to use what I’ve learned in the CFC to strengthen the communication bridge and execute our plan of creating a spiritually awakened world.