2017-2018 Youth of Unity Regional Officer Mission Statement


We are confident, creative leaders that fulfill the teens of our Region with experiences that promote peace, joy and happiness.


2018-2019 YOU REGIES

Emily Myers

Hello beautiful peoples! I am Emily Myers and I will be serving as your Spiritual Leader for the amazing Eastern Region during 2018-2019. I am excited this year and upcoming rallies to be able to connect with you on a personal and spiritual level. I have been a part of the Unity family since I was born and attend Unity Renaissance of Chesapeake, Virginia.

Growing up in Unity has been easily one of the best parts of my life. Being in such a loving and caring environment it helped me grow into the person I am today. I was able to try new things in
a loving setting and I have made friendships to last a lifetime. My own Unity church has honestly become my second home and all those who attend Unity Renaissance have become my second family. Feeling at home is one of my favorite parts of Unity and I hope to help others who are new to Unity feel that same way by guiding them to feel safe and cared for in a loving environment.

I have always been into all the spiritual and metaphysical things about Unity. Prayer and meditation are super relaxing to me. By taking a few deep breaths, you can relax your mind and clear your thoughts. We all live such busy lives and it can be good to just take a quiet moment for ourselves. Outside of church I love to play volleyball and I am obsessed with photography. So if you see me at any Rally or retreat please I would be honored to take a picture with you or of you because I love photographing beautiful souls.

I am more than excited to work this year with my fellow regies and for us to be an amazing team. I am excited to work with the amazing teen consultant and lovely regies to make sure our fellow YOU’ers have the best experiences and spiritual connections they are open to have. This year will be full of excitement and love and I am ready to jump right in!

Love Ya Forever and Always,
Emily Myers 🙂 <3


Kyleen Moradi

Hello lovelies, My name is Kyleen Moradi and I’m so excited to be able to be your outreach regie for the the 2018-2019 year! I’ve been at Unity my whole life and it has been such a positive impact on me. I’ve been involved with Unity for as long as I can remember; singing in the choir, participating in little Christmas plays, helping in the nursery, and also being a part of YOU.

Outside of unity I play the guitar and sing! Music is my all time favorite thing. I go to James Madison high school and work as a football manager, as well as take part in many after school clubs like Madison Minds Matter, Amnesty International and Girls Unite! I spend a lot of my time volunteering at local places and go on mission trips annually!

I’m so excited to serve as your regie and i can’t wait to see what we as a team can do for you!

Lots of love,

Ben Tivin

Hello Youth of Unity from the Eastern Region, I am Benjamin Tivin and I am your 2018-2019 Communications Regional Officer. Some qualities that allow me to fit this position in YOU would be; I’m a very down to earth person, I can make friends with anyone I meet, and I can take charge and lead a group of people to meet not only the groups goal, but also the goals of the individual people in the group. I have attended Unity of Fredericksburg since I was 3 years of age.

Outside of Unity, my main hobby is playing tennis and aviation. I’ve been playing tennis for over 5 years now and I’ve made varsity every year on my school’s tennis team. My interest in aviation comes from my father because he is an aircraft mechanic and I am also amazed by the miracle of flight. I also have an interest in photography, and you may even see some of it if you come to one of the Eastern Region’s next rallies.

I am very excited to be leading rallies with my fellow amazing regies Emily, Kyleen, and Amira. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones while we lead our next rally.

“The Ben Tivin”
Or just Ben

Amira Carter

Hello y’all! My name is Amira Carter-Cyrus your In-reach Regi. I am a 16 year old high school senior. I have been in Unity for 14 years. I originally went to Unity Renaissance in Chesapeake Virginia, but last year I moved back to New York, where I’m originally from, and started to attend Unity East Church in Brooklyn.

Outside of Unity, I am a position holder in my school Student Government and I’m co-President of my Model United Nations team at my school. I am so excited to be a part of this years Regional Team!!!!! Through my position I hope to strengthen the connection between the northern and southern chapters. Unity is extremely important to me and since I grew up in an extremely close chapter it is important to me to help other chapters gain or strengthen that bond within and outside of their respective chapters. I can’t wait to start to serve the Eastern Region community of Unity!