UWM Eastern Region Now Accepting Resumes for Teen Consultant Position


The successful candidate will submit a resume, a letter offering his/her reasons for applying for the position and gifts s/he bring to the position, along with a letter of support and recommendation from the candidate’s current ministry (minister or board president) if applicable. All these items should be sent electronically to execadmin@unityeasternregion.org with a followup hard copy mailing to UWMER, 6710F Ritchie Highway, #305, Glen Burnie MD 21061.

See below for document listing job competencies and job description. Any questions contact execadmin@unityeasternregion.org or 443-854-5398.



2019 Competencies for Teen Consultant


In recruiting for a Teen Consultant, we would like the following competencies and qualifications:


  • Grounded in the understanding and application of Unity Principles, as demonstrated in successful completion of three of the recommended classes in the Certified Spiritual Educators (CSE) program and personal life experience of those principles.  The ideal candidate would commit to pursue additional CSE coursework.
  • Minimum of two or more years of Uniteen/YOU program leadership required. A Bachelors degree in Education or related field preferred.
  • Demonstrated professional and leadership skills including ability to delegate, nurture leadership skills in volunteers and teens and ability to manage schedules, deadlines and goal setting.
  • Demonstrated skills in curriculum and workshop development.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and trust the wisdom of teens, provide a structure for exploration and natural consequences for teen leadership and conduct. Ability to adapt to change, innovate and provide flexible leadership that supports others in times of uncertainty.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and conflict resolution skills.  Prefer experience with Nonviolent Communication.
  • Excellent demonstrable skills in Word, Excel, and program budget management.
  • History of proficiency in social media platforms and webinars for the purpose of communication and marketing to both adults and teens.
  • The candidate will have the ability to travel as required by the position.
  • The successful candidate will submit a letter offering their reasons for applying for the position and gifts they bring to the position, a resume, and a letter of support and recommendation from the candidate’s current ministry (minister or board president) if applicable.



Exhibit A
Teen Consultant’s Contractual Commitments


1. Unified Teen Program:

Develop and oversee a unified regional teen program that integrates youth from 6th grade and continuing through the 12th grade into the spiritual community of ministries. The program should include resources for ongoing ministry based program, service projects and community based outreach, sub-regional events, periodic regional events and if applicable, national events. The program should include a path for youth to consider how Unity principles and practices will continue to be a part of their lives beyond high school graduation.  “Uniteen” shall include those youth in programs equivalent to grades 6 through 8 or ages eleven (11) through fourteen (14) years old. “YOU” or Youth Of Unity shall include those youth in programs equivalent to grades 9 through 12 or ages fifteen (15) through eighteen (18) years old.

2. Collaboration with the Eastern Region Leadership Team:  

The Teen Consultant will collaborate on all youth events with the Leadership Team to include the scheduling of events both datewise and geographical location.

  1. Eastern Region Reporting Relationship and Communication:  The Teen Consultant reports to and is supervised by the President and/or Vice President of the ER Board in collaboration with the Leadership Team. The Teen Consultant and the President shall meet telephonically on a regularly scheduled basis that is acceptable to both parties, but at a minimum of twice a month.
  2. The Teen Consultant shall provide quarterly reports as needed to the Eastern Region Board on events, trainings, fundraising and sub-regional activities, to include requested action items.
  3. The Consultant shall participate in the annual budget process estimating income and expenses.
  4. The Teen Consultant will attend the Eastern Region (ER) annual conference as a resource for ministries and in consultation with the Conference Team, potentially as a presenter.
  5. Board Consultant:  Serve as a consultant to the UWMER Board, participating in phone conferences and attending the on-site meetings as requested.  Expenses for travel, lodging and food for the on-site meeting(s) will be reimbursed by the UWMER.

3. Collaboration with YFM Consultant: 

Collaborate with the UWMER Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) consultant to create the seamless integration of programs and trainings for the ER.  

  1. A single calendar will be created for all YFM and Teen trainings and events which is maintained as part of the ER master calendar.  
  2. The Teen Consultant, in collaboration with the YFM Consultant, will maintain an integrated database which includes ministry program information, church based leaders and volunteers and those with LUT Youth Education focus or Certified Educators designation.   All youth leaders and event chaperones should be included in the database. The Teen Consultant will maintain and provide information on Uniteen and YOU programs, Sponsors and program leaders. This information will be provided to the Executive Administrator to include in the ER database.

4. Uniteen Retreats:

Continue to develop and deliver regional and support subregional Uniteen retreats that take into consideration the financial feasibility, optimal number, size, duration, and geographic location to serve the region’s Uniteen population.  Develop program material and support for sub-regional events which may be hosted by individual ministries. Support a transition for youth participation from Uniteen to YOU programs.

5. YOU Rally:

Continue to plan and facilitate, with elected YOU Officers and YOU Sponsors, YOU rallies that take into consideration the financial feasibility, optimal number, size, duration, and geographic location to serve the region’s YOU population.  Continue efforts to reach out to smaller groups of teens, at more distant locations, who may not be in a formal YOU chapter. Schedule planning meetings with YOU Officers as appropriate. Meetings do not need to be on-site meetings. Regional rallies and/or subregional rallies may include but are not restricted to Fall, Spring and Midwinter.  A minimum of one Spring regional YOU rally per year should be scheduled. Additional rallies may be sub-regional or regional.

6. YOU/Leadership Training:

Plan and facilitate this event with YOU Officers and Sponsors.  This may be hosted by a local ministry or may be an interactive telecommunication event.

7. Event Planning and Coordination:

    1. The Teen Consultant will coordinate contracts as needed for facilities for overnight teen events.  All contracts must be approved and signed by an officer of the UWMER board and should be reviewed and maintained by the region’s Executive Administrator.  The Eastern Region is committed to supporting accessibility in overnight accommodations and facilities selected should reflect that.
    2. The Consultant will coordinate with the UWMER Treasurer to assure necessary insurance is in place prior to any event.
    3. The Teen Consultant will coordinate contracts as needed for presenters and musicians for YOU events within budgetary guidelines.  All contracts must be approved and signed by an officer of the UWMER board and should be reviewed and maintained by the Region’s Executive Administrator.
    4. The Teen Consultant is responsible for producing and executing Letter Agreements in the case of ministries physically hosting an event.  This Agreement should lay out the parameters financially and logistically as to who is responsible for what portions of the event.
    5. The consultant is responsible for assuring all adult volunteers have background checks on file in advance and have been cleared for participation.  

8.International YOU Conference:

Attend this national UWM event as scheduled and budgeted.  Preference to support the attendance of incoming regional officers as funds allow and provide support to International team as needed and requested.

9. Curriculum / Resources:

Maintain knowledge of youth and teen curriculum and resources from UWM and other sources.

10. Conference Calls/ Emails:

Respond in a timely manner to requests for information and maintain communication with YOU sponsors, Uniteen leaders, YFM directors and ministers.

11.Website Maintenance:

In collaboration with the Eastern Region Executive Administrator, and in accordance with the regional calendar, provide the content of the region’s web presence as it relates to YOU and Uniteen events and resources.

12. E-Newsletters:

Provide articles and program updates to the region’s ministries, YFM directors and teen sponsors through periodic newsletters to the field, coordinating content and frequency with the Eastern Region Executive Administrator.