Schedule of Activities for
Thursday, October 6th

10:00 AM

The Twelve Powers, 7 Chakras or
Could It Be Christian Kundalini?

Facilitated by Rev. Russell Heiland,
Nina Gibson and LeAnne Gioeli

Have you studied the 12 Powers and/or heard of the 7 Chakras? Are you ready to learn from the past, love the present, and unleash the future?  If so, you won’t want to miss “12 Powers and 7 Chakras, or Could it be Christian Kundalini?” presented by Rev. Russell Heiland and musicians Nina Gibson and LeAnne Gioeli live from Unity of Fairfax on Thursday, October 6 at 10:00 a.m.  This innovative and inspiring presentation connects Unity’s 12 Powers and the 7 Chakras by weaving together discussion, chanting, movement, sound healing, and wisdom to bring these powerful teachings alive in you!

Rev. Russell Heiland

Rev. Russ is Unity of Fairfax’s senior minister and spiritual beacon. His energy and enthusiasm for Unity is an inspiration. He continues to seek innovative programs and activities to fulfill our mission and vision in an intergenerational capacity.

Rev. Heiland has a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Miami University in Ohio and a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. His Master’s thesis entitled “Inner Vision and Synchronicity:  Dream Work as Taught by Charles Fillmore and Carl Jung” was original research into the history of dream interpretation in the Unity Movement.   He is also the author of “Twelve Powers and Seven Chakras, or Could it Be Christian Kundalini?”  He received his professional training as an Ordained Unity Minister from Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Nina Gibson & Leanne Gioeli

Nina Gibson and LeAnne Gioeli have been singing together for over 20 years.  Known as “River of Light”, they have a special connection which resonates out from their heart-filled spiritual music and powerful harmonies.  Nina is a singer/songwriter and LeAnne is a singer / flutist and they are both healers; they spice their music experiences up with other instruments, sound bowls, and drums for an uplifting and healing experience.

2:30 PM

Building an Embodied Antiracist Community: From Yesterday to Tomorrow – Part Two

Facilitated by Revs. Kelly Isola and Ogun Holder

We will focus on LOVING THE PRESENT, which means we must engage the past traumas, because it’s how we got to the present – and how we blow that trauma onto others. So our experiences and learnings will be how the past lives in TODAY, and how we see and understand today. Then we shift into taking the paradigms of today, and begin to learn to deconstruct them because we can’t imagine a new future through the current way we think and imagine. We must deconstruct our thinking and seeing and embodiment so we can unleash a future from a place we can’t even imagine at the moment because we would be imagining through the current systems of oppression! 

In Part One and Part Two, we will allow space for more embodied, less traditional learning which includes listening to our bodies. 

Rev. Kelly Isola

Rev. Kelly Isola, is a culture-builder and a catalyst for personal and organizational development, and co-founder of project_SANCTUS – a safe, brave, online space to discover and be our Holiest self, and in so doing, together, create a world of equanimity, justice and love for all. She is a transformative consultant, teacher, and author who shares her passion for living the two-fold path of an engaged spiritual life – embracing the inner path of wisdom and healing, as well as demonstrating the outer path of compassionate service. She holds several certifications in leading edge models of human and organizational development – focusing on how we create and relate to ourselves, each other and the world – as well as her specialty: the spiritual practice of conflict transformation through embodying paradox.

Rev. Ogun Holder

Rev. Ogun Holder is an ordained Unity Minister, a certified Spiritual Coach, and co-founder of project_SANCTUS – a safe, brave, online space to discover and be our Holiest self, and in so doing, together, create a world of equanimity, justice and love for all.

His many titles over the years include speaker, teacher, author, podcaster, blogger, musician, parent, social media consultant, a WEPSS Certified Enneagram Instructor, and a self-proclaimed geek.

Originally from Barbados, Ogun moved to the USA in 1994 to pursue a degree in Music Therapy. As a Music Therapist he worked successfully with a variety of populations in schools, hospitals, adult day-care facilities, and his own private practice. He is also an experienced church music director, having served multiple communities.

A humorous and engaging speaker, Ogun has been invited to speak and lead workshops at churches and spiritual centers across the country.

4:30 PM

Closing Celebration

Facilitated by Rickie Byars

Rickie Byars

Rickie Byars is one of the most acclaimed and beloved singer-songwriters there is in the genre of inspirational/New Thought music. Through her three decade career as both a solo artist, Music & Arts Director  and as Founder /Director of the world-renowned Agape International Choir, Byars’ deeply soulful and heart-felt songs of spiritual renewal, uplift and empower and have struck a powerful chord with audiences around the globe. She has built an impressive international following as well. Indeed, the vibrations of “realness” in her music are so strong that they resonate with everyone from residents of L.A.’s SkidRow to South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, all of whom she has had the honor of performing for,the latter on five different occasions.Byars’ charismatic joy and authenticity on stage ensure that she is in high demand to speak and appear in concert at festivals and conferences. But she has amassed such an impressive catalog of compositions — writing and co-writing over 200 original songs and chants — that even when she’s not physically on hand to present her work her message of transcendent love is still being delivered by the many individual singers and choirs that regularly perform her material at New Thought churches and spiritual gatherings across the country every Sunday.

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