Consultant Services

The purpose of the Youth and Family Ministry (YFM) Consultant is to assess regional YFM programs and resources in member ministries and evaluate the needs of the ministries. On an ongoing basis, the consultant continues to develop future strategies to meet the curriculum and program needs of member ministries in all areas of youth education.

The YFM Consultant develops and facilitates regional webinars for youth leaders and educators. In conjunction with other regional consultants, sends e-newsletters approximately twice a month informing member ministries and their youth educators of the events and programs offered by the Eastern Region to support ministries in their development of YFM resources.

Events and Services

Enhancing YFM Skills Through Training and Sharing

  • Delivers a Youth Educator’s Conference for Directors and Sunday School teachers. This is an opportunity for personal development and networking
  • Delivers webinar based training for youth leaders
  • Consults with YFM Directors by phone
  • Facilitates community among youth educators in the region

About Christine Harper

Christine Harper has been studying Unity principles since 1981 when a friend invited her to hear Eric Butterworth at Unity of NY. On the subway ride home, she read As A Man Thinketh, and never looked back. As a charter member of Unity Center of Light in Bowie MD, Christine has served in many capacities including Y.O.U./Uniteen Sponsor, Workshop Facilitator, and Board Member. You may have met Christine at S.E.E. in Gaithersburg or one of the many Y.O.U. events in the Eastern Region. Christine will serve all of our Youth leaders and ministers to build stronger Youth and Family Ministries in the Eastern Region. Her passions include movies, Toastmasters and gourmet coffee.


Christine Harper

Phone: 240.678.8189


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