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The purpose of the Teen Consultant is to develop and oversee a regional Uniteen (6-8 grade) and Youth of Unity (YOU) program (9-12 grade). The consultant is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing retreats and rallies which take into account the geographic distribution of the Eastern Region youth population. This also includes co-coordinating with YOU officers to plan and facilitate a YOU Fall and Spring Rally and providing logistical support to local chapters in planning and facilitating sub-regional events.

The Teen Consultant, in conjunction with the other regional consultants, sends e-newsletters approximately twice a month informing member ministries and their youth educators of the events and programs offered by the Eastern Region.

What Teens Want and Why It’s OK

Numerous social studies have shown that teens in all cultures prefer 3 things:

  • novelty
  • excitement
  • the company of their peers.

Many studies also confirm that compared to adults, teens take far greater risks to get what they want. Recent brain studies suggest that the desire for novel, exciting experiences and social interactions with peers is hard wired into the teen brain. The good news is that these preferences and traits are highly adaptive, perfectly preparing our teens for the job of navigating from the safety of home to the more complicated world outside. Our success in life does depend on our ability to develop wide-ranging relationships with our peers, and the desire for excitement and novelty helps teens move from their home to the world beyond. However, we also know that traits such as risk-taking and the hunt for novelty and excitement can go awry with disastrous results.

Our Youth Events Safely Provide What Teens Want

Attending our regional YOU Rallies and Uniteen Retreats allows your teens to receive what they want and need in a safe, loving environment. We provide the opportunity to meet Unity friends from around the region, have novel and exciting experiences and learn important life and Spiritual lessons from peers, all while being gently guided by caring adults.

Help Your Teens Get What They Want and Need

Please help the teens in your church navigate safely and gracefully through these exciting yet risky years to realize their full adult potential. Encourage and support your teens in attending our Uniteen Retreats and Rallies. Your investment in their well-being will be far-reaching, contributing not only to the teens themselves but the world that they will create.

Let Us Help You Help Your Teens

If your teens are hesitant or uncertain about attending a regional event for the first time, please contact me. We have slide shows available so they can see what the events are all about and regional youth officers who will contact your teens directly to invite them personally, share information and answer any questions they may have.

What We Offer

For our high school age teens (Youth of Unity) we offer:

  • A Fall and Spring weekend gathering (Rally) Fall Rally is scheduled in late October. Spring Rally is in late April.
  • A weekend Winter Rally hosted by a church in our region in mid-January.
  • An overnight Leadership Training held at one of our churches
  • Y.O.U. events are planned and led by our youth leaders with support and guidance of caring adults.

For our middle school age teens (Uniteens) we offer:

  • A Fall overnight retreat held at one of our churches, usually in early November
  • A Spring weekend camp including a Rites of Passage program for 8th graders.
  • Uniteen events are led by adult leaders and trained high school teens who serve as role models and teen leaders for our middle school teens.

For Adults serving Teens we offer:

  • 1 hour webinar trainings scheduled at intervals throughout the year on topics of interest to youth ministry leaders

Please watch for our e-newsletter and check out our web site pages for upcoming youth events and activities.

Rebecca Hale

Unity on the River

Amesbury, MA

Phone: 978-587-1896


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