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The Eastern Region Next Generation of Unity (NGU) serves the spiritual needs of young adults (age 18-35ish) in the Unity movement. NGUers gather in local groups and at regional events to receive and provide mutual support during this powerful life stage of starting families, careers, and higher education. At the regional and local levels, NGU focuses on supporting young adults in social, spiritual, service, and skills development.

The Eastern Region NGU Consultant supports ministries in developing or sustaining local NGU programs, and organizes two to three regional NGU Gatherings each year for social connection, spiritual exploration, and personal empowerment.

About Courtney Hinton

Courtney Hinton made Unity of Washington, DC her spiritual home in 2012.  On her first visit, she recognized and resonated with the belief in a loving, good omnipresent God and the practice of affirmative prayer.  She currently serves as a Soprano in the choir, and a member of the Prayer and Oneness Blessing Giving Teams.

Courtney is a courageous, confident, and vulnerable leader.  Courtney has had several leadership roles; serving as Soprano Section Leader and Co-Coordinator of the Prayer Team, and Treasurer of her Condo Association.  Creative and entrepreneurial, Courtney offers her talents as a graphic designer, voice over actor, health coach, and soloist singing at weddings, meditation services and other special occasions.

Courtney has a professional background in public health where she developed her skills of advocacy, teaching and compassion.  She served as a Community Health Worker and an HIV Tester and Counselor.  She spent nearly three years working for a youth serving organization where she planned innovative and engaging events and is excited to bring that same enthusiasm to the Eastern Region Next Generation Unity activities.

Courtney is a graduate of University of Maryland, College Park (B.A. – African American Studies) and resident of Washington, DC.  She has a passion for fitness, healthy eating, meditation, travel and theatre.

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Our Vision for NGU

The Eastern Region is committed to the co-creation of a thriving, sustainable Eastern Region NGU with:

  • A strong interconnected community of young people gathering in small groups and local connections throughout the region to support each other’s spiritual journey.
  • A consistent Regional Fall and Spring Spiritual event where young adults can connect, express their talents and receive support, information and resources for creating local connections and small groups in their home churches, campuses or wherever within region they may find themselves.
  • Financial support for regional NGU leaders to attend YOU Rallies to connect with and mentor YOUers and share with them the vision, connections, support and resources of regional NGU so that as they graduate there are persons and places they can go to connect and be supported.

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Eastern NGU Facebook Chatroom (Designed for those who want a smaller group connection – to be able to use facebook’s chatroom feature)

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Spiritual Online Resources – many articles and spiritual information – Unity Online Radio – various spiritual podcasts and “radio” shows.



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